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Dental Tourism in Georgia
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About Dental Clinic Healthy Dent

26.03.18 11:11 AM By healthydentclinic

The main focus of our clinic is aesthetic dentistry.

We improve the look of your smile by achieving ideal harmony between aesthetics and functionality. To get a beautiful healthy smile, it is important both in your everyday life and at work as it helps to improve the attitudes of colleagues and friends as well as the loved ones.

Our clinic staff consists of experienced professionals who have got years of experience. We are currently using the latest materials. Doctors and assistants constantly improve their skills by taking part in seminars and symposium, as confirmed by diplomas and certificates.The combination of these factors makes it possible to carry out treatment as quickly as possible with high quality and absolutely no pain.

Certainly, the doctors and generally the medical staff are of the primary importance. The clinic deals with the whole range of complex dental treatments ranging from professional hygiene and kids treatment up to teeth whitening and surgery.


Smile is the main adornment of every person, but our teeth are not always in perfect condition. It is affected by a lot of factors: dental hygiene, genetic issues, food, etc. Thus, major teeth problems appear. Typically, the only way out of this difficult situation is a denture.

Prosthetic dentistry is an important step not only in psychological and physical terms but also financially.

Today many clinics offer their customers prosthetics, but the price of teeth replacement does not always coincide with the financial capabilities of the client.

Quite often people set aside prosthetics for a long time due to unreasonable prices.Putting off your treatment affects immensely your teeth which are eventually further deteriorated.

Our clinic offers services of “teeth prosthesis” at available prices that would definitely satisfy you. Besides, we guarantee high quality work with proper material performed by experienced experts.

Only in Dental Clinic Healthy Dent you can find the best value for money and do not be afraid of teeth prosthesis since the final result will top all your expectations.