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Visited Healthy Dent

“Got prompt and excellent feedback on all my questions in addition to information I actually needed but had forgot to ask about. Booked an appointment and looking forward to it.”


I have never liked going to the dentist and was very nervous about going to a dentist in a foreign country. I had a missing front tooth as well as a bridge on another missing front tooth. I arrived in Tbilisi for a 4 week business trip. I decided to Google dentists in Tbilisi and check the reviews. Healthy Dent had a few reviews from foreign clients and was all positive so I decided to contact them through the "Whatclinic" website. I was given two options, dental implant or I could have my front upper 6 teeth replaced with crowns and bridges and my bottom teeth whitened. I decided on the latter and the treatment was across 5 appointments as follows:

1. Intensive clean and polish of my teeth and also model of lower teeth for whitening.

2. Replacement of two amalgam fillings on my upper two teeth with white fillings. 

3. Preparing my teeth for the crowns (4 teeth to prepare) and fitting of temporary teeth.

4. Another 4 fillings done (2 amalgam fillings replaced and also filled two small cavities, all done with white filling).

5. Fitting of the permanent teeth (one piece with 6 zirconia teeth)

I can't speak highly enough of the experience I have had from Healthy Dent and would thoroughly recommend anyone who wants dental work carried out to consider using Healthy Dent in Tbilisi. The cost for the work carried out is a fraction of the cost in the UK. Tbilisi itself is a beautiful city with many places to explore so in itself is worth a visit even if you didn't require dental work. Yes I had my doubts and fears but I was totally won over with Healthy Dent and would definitely come back for more dental work in the future. Many, many thanks to all the staff at Healthy Dent and in particular to Tamar, Maia and Vaso. 

Best wishes. Paul"




Visited Healthy Dent

"The clinic contacted me quickly and they were very nice."


Visited Healthy Dent

"I was in Tbilisi for a few weeks on business. A colleague went to Healthy Dent to have some major work done and he was extremely happy, so I decided to pay the clinic a visit as my teeth were overdue a thorough clean. The results were better than I experience from my regular dental clinic and I rate my regular dentist very highly."

JOHN - Canada

Absolutely wonderful. I came down with a toothache while travelling and found this clinic. I was so happy with the service I decided to do some major dental work while I was there. Competent staff. Excellent interpreters on staff. Friendly. Very easy to get to. 5 minute walk from Freedom Square metro station. I cannot say enough good about them."


"It was great! Highly recommend them."



"Responded. Exchanged info. Very professional. Very informative. Arrange office visit"


I have received a professional help, that I needed.


Fantastic staff and professionals! I'm beyond delighted with my veneers. Thanks to healthy dent I have a smile I always wished for!! I'll recommend this clinic to anyone seeking quality work.